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Liz and Alexandra by Tamashikiri Liz and Alexandra by Tamashikiri
These are my two OCs, Liz Laurier on the left, and Alexandra Smith on the right, who will be starring in a comic project I'm currently working on.

I first came up with these characters when my art tutor gave me an assignment to create a character sharing my personality traits, but who looks nothing like me. I started by envisioning a character with glasses and spiky hair, but then I thought, "probably the best way to make sure this character looks nothing like me is to make them the opposite gender", and lo and behold, Liz was born. Alexandra was created when my tutor told me to create with the opposite traits.

Liz is 20 years old and an aspiring graphic novelist, who has moved to Toronto to attend art college... somehow ending up roommates with her high school rival Alexandra. While very socially awkward, Liz maintains a circle of close friends, although she sometimes has difficulty making new friends. She has a love for anime, manga, tokusatsu, comic books, video games, fantasy, science fiction, swords, British comedy and "other nerdy crap like that", and is not afraid to let the world know she's a nerd, believing that if other people can't accept her for who she is, that's their problem. She's also honest about herself, and won't hesitate to say how she feels, almost to the point of being tactless. Also, she's a bit of a smartass, and has a tendency to act or speak without thinking it thorough first.

Alexandra, by contrast, is all about pretense. Raised to conform to society, she often hides her true thoughts and feelings in favour of acting "normal". By keeping up fašades all her life, Alexandra has learned various means up manipulating people, exploiting such skills to amass popularity throughout her high school years. As such, a lot of her friends have been hangers-on, although she still has a circle of truly close friends. She can also be rather spiteful towards people she sees as different, leading to her rivalry with Liz during high school and their current animosity as roommates. Alexandra is certainly more social than Liz, and often holds parties and social events in her apartment (much to Liz's chagrin) and often indulges in the more superficial aspects of conversation. She is also very interested in sports, and entered college on a sports scholarship at the encouragement of her parents, although she has her own aspirations that she's afraid of pursuing in fear of seeming "different".

So those are my two OCs. Please feel free to give any constructive criticism that comes to mind. And if you were wondering what the project I plan to feature these two in is going to be like, imagine a roommates comedy in the same vein as The Odd Couple... but with giant mecha.

Yes, I have a very warped imagination.
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August 19, 2012
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